Thursday, July 28, 2011

Runner At Heart, Runner In Soul

I had yet another late night at the office today, just managing to grab a quick sammich from Subway on my way home, a scant 10mins before they were scheduled to close shop.

Upon reaching home, as I scarfed down my delicious, late dinner, I remembered the Subway voucher still lying in the Race Pack pouch I got for the SCMKL and went to get it out to use. Expiring 31st July. Thank God that, 
a) I remembered it on time, and 
b) I looooove Subway and can eat it on a daily basis anyway! *g*

Along with the voucher, I fished out an expired discount coupon for Timex watches and the SCMKL Runner's Guide Book. Flipping through the guide to see if there might be some useful tips to remember for my next HM race, I took some time to admire the once-thought-unconquerable 21KM route that I ran (and conquered!) as well as to scrutinize the Full Marathon route. Again. And all at once, my respect for full marathoners was wholly renewed, nevermind my respect for ultra-marathoners! Insane. But awesome. Insanely awesome.

It made me wonder if I could one day complete a marathon? Even a triathlon, maybe? The idea of being a triathlete is appealing.

However, nevermind triathlons, being even just a marathoner takes tremendous, dedicated training.. And let's face it. I know me. I don't have that kind of discipline. Passion, yes. Follow through, erm.. less so. Berangan je lebih. Haha.

Still, while I cannot in honesty (or full conscience!) call myself a serious runner, I do love to run. Running makes me happy. That wonderful high of being completely tuned-in to my body.. unparalleled, liberating joy. Of being able to completely empty my mind of everything save the rhythm of my breath and each footfall I make... Rightly or wrongly, running makes me feel better about myself. Running brings me peace of mind & gives me solace.

And perhaps that is all that matters, that no matter how casual a runner I am, this is what makes me a runner, at heart and in soul.

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